Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Score for Sale Gets Pranked (in a GOOD way!)

Kirk Slinkard pulled a pretty good practical joke on me. He sent “scans” of what were very credible pages of the old Transoniq Hacker, with the amazing 3rd article in his Sounds of Trek series (as mentioned in the previous post).

I keyed-in the patches, marveled at the programing, and tossed it in my “To Do” pile to upload and add to the original "Sounds of Trek" article.

Months later--after I posted part 3 in fact--“Civilian Kirk” (as he is called), revealed that he mocked-up the 3rd article. -It was not a Hacker original.

Well, I fell for it. His detailed patch sheets were dead ringers for the old Transoniq Hacker hand-typed table format.

But even if the format was an inside joke, the content itself is pure gold. It's a real article, mind you, with great new patches. It just never appeared in the original Transoniq Hacker.

Needless to say, if I had any idea I was sitting on a new Slinkard article, I never would have sat on it for so long. My apologies to Kirk for the delay, and my apologies to the legions of ESQ/SQ80 users for keeping these sounds from the synth community.

So, I'm proud to host this brand new article by Kirk Slinkard! Many thanks, Kirk, for sharing these great sounds with the ESQ/SQ80 community. Live long and prosper!

PS, these patches work great on the SQ8L VST, too. So everyone can get in on the fun!

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