Thursday, March 5, 2009


Welcome to the Score for Sale Blog. New this month is a detailed look at the performance notes of the great Technosis patch banks, which are still available from Soundengine.

We've beefed up the hands-on section with expanded info about the LFOs (including a special LFO rate time and tempo calculator).

While we're on the LFOs, take a look at William H's affectionate and informative take on constructing LFO drum machines and arpeggiators on the ESQ1. The excellent tips he gives work equally well on the SQ80, ESQ-M and SQ8L VST.

And we close with a feature page on using the built-in overdrive effect. You knew there was a built-in overdrive effect, didn't you?

Coming soon is a user demo area and a place where you can upload stuff for our contests and features.

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